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We Know today’s fresh goods industry front-runners need slim and effective supply chain solutions and services. Dubai Chiller Vans offers comprehensive solutions to all of your transportation needs for temperature-sensitive commodities.

Wast Variety of Refrigerated vehicles

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We focus on frozen vans and trucks rental. Dubai Chiller Vans is all about Chiller Van Rental Dubai. Our verified reefer vans and trucks are in use all across Dubai by all kinds of food-related and healthcare companies and small businesses. Dubai chiller vans is in our name and it’s at the core of what we do. Services Areas

Freezer Van

Our freezer van for rent in Dubai is available on a daily, weekly, monthly, and in some cases, yearly basis.

Refrigerated Van

No matter what the size of your business, We have our own fleet of vehicles to provide you timely services.

Chiller Truck

Dubai Chiller Vans has a chiller truck for rent that is available in many sizes serving you in multiple ways.

Freezer Truck

Freezer trucks provide diverse transportation of items such as eatables, personal care products and chemicals.

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Chiller Vans at Dubai Chiller Vans

Need a chiller van for rent in Dubai? We are here to fulfill your business needs with our fleet of chiller vans for different cargo sizes.


Driven with Trust

We provide both – a chiller van for rent in Dubai with a driver and without.


Fleet of Vehicles

Our fleet of vehicles includes the latest trucks, carriers, and chiller vans for rent in Dubai.


Customer Services

Our customer support staff is exceptionally trained and always available for assistance.

How do Chiller Vans Work?

Exactly as it sounds, a chiller van comes with the features of a freezer/ refrigerator. Using temperature control, and insulated departments, we ensure that no heat from the outside compromises the quality or freshness of the products inside. All of them have a condenser, and evaporator, that let air into the compartments, keeping the contents cool. With our vehicles, you can custom choose the optimum temperature for your cargo to keep it as fresh as new. 055 354 3246

The Quality Work We Offer

Dubai Chiller Vans offer affordable chiller van rental services without compromising on the quality of the service. The proof of our exceptional service is,

  • Constant Monitory Of Driver’s Performance
  • Strict Check Of Delivery Time
  • Equipped and Operational Global Positioning Systems In Trucks
  • Major Clients Are Given The Stock Lists
  • Serviced And Maintained Trucks
  • Trained And Uniformed Team

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Chiller Van for Rent in UAE

Chiller van rental Dubai helps transport perishable goods at optimum temperatures. The van can be divided into two units to keep the refrigerated and frozen items separately. We guarantee the freshness and undisturbed originality of the products because the proper temperatures save the product from decaying, pest attack or even fruit ripening. Our chiller van for rent abides by the temperature laws indicated by many countries. We offer you ease and comfort in our services, according to the rules. Our professional drivers provide the safest ride from the pickup point to the destination location. Dubai Chiller Van

Dubai Chiller Vans: The Exceptional Chiller Van Rental Service

Dubai Chiller Vans is a customer-oriented company that serves with honesty and loyalty. With vast experience over the years, we know all the possible inconveniences that can occur and their relevant solutions. Our team knows all the mechanisms of the chiller vans and can operate them within time to keep your products away from harm. Special training and workshops are arranged to ensure the team is knowledgeable, skilful, cooperative and friendly. Our chiller van rental service is not limited to delivering products to marketplaces, but we also provide raw materials to factories. The experts bring you the finest material to ensure that your end product stands out. We are the mutual promoters of services. Additionally, we have fair contracting that helps you build confidence and trust towards our company. As we are known as the best chiller van for rent in UAE, no contract for us is big or small. Every client we deal with is equally valuable. So do not worry if you think you have a small-scale business. We are here to assist you by all means.

Our Services

Our bespoke chiller van Dubai services are affordable, pocket friendly and unique in all of them. We are proud to say that our services have always made our clients satisfied and recurring.

Chiller Van Dubai

Our Chiller van Dubai services are available daily, weekly, monthly or sometimes yearly. Available in multiple sizes,

  • 3 Ton Chiller Van Dubai
  • 7 Ton Chiller Van Dubai
  • 10 Ton Chiller Van Dubai

All are serving to full we provide top-notch chiller van service.

Chiller Truck Dubai

Available throughout the year with ample capacity to store the bulk, Chiller Truck Dubai service of Dubai Chiller Van is used to transport products such as eatables, personal care products and chemicals.

Refrigerator Van

We have the best temperature-monitored refrigerator vans if the items require coolness and not freezing. The temperature setters are set according to the required temperature so the products reach their destination in their original shape.

Operational System of our Chiller Van for Rent in Dubai

Our chiller vans with updated technology have temperature controllers to set and maintain the temperatures and insulated compartments to keep the products isolated from the outside contaminated air. All of our transports, whether van or truck, have evaporators and condensers that help keep the cool air inside without disturbing the freshness of the items.

Why We Are The Best Chiller Van Rental?

Hustle Free Drive

Dubai Chiller Van gives you the option of professional drivers with a chiller van. With our trained drivers, you do not have to worry about bulk transportation because there is a full grip on the accelerator and control over the brakes. The drivers know every inch of Dubai and will take your goods with the shortest route possible, ensuring safety and on-time delivery.

Fleet of Vehicles

Each of our vehicles serves you with the latest technology, improved and more efficient. Our exceptional service depends on our transport; therefore, we do not compromise their well-being. Chiller vans and trucks are checked weekly and serviced regularly. The gas pumps, fans, and thermostats are limited and ensure proper functioning before handing them over, so you do not face any technical defaults.

First-rate Customer Services

The team of Dubai Chiller Van is responsive, active and all-time accommodating. From booking to payment, you will find unconditional support from our team because we hire the most competent applicants who excel and qualify for the training and workshops.

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